BIO353: Cell Biology
Lecture Slide Shows

Below you will find links to the PowerPoint slide shows that I present in class. Some links might not be available until shortly before the corresponding lecture is given. The ideal way to use them for study is to view each slide show while listening to the corresponding lecture recording*. I'll make an effort during class to announce which slide I am on, so you can follow along at home. When all of the links are active, I might still make changes to the slide shows up until the time the corresponding lecture is given in class. This is one reason why I don't recommend printing out the slide shows ahead of time. The other reason is that I don't recommend using a print-out of the slide show as a template on which to take notes. I think it is much better to take notes on blank notebook paper during the live lecture. If you want to add notes to the slides, you should do that later, while reviewing and reorganizing your notes.

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Ch. 01: A Preview of Cell Biology
Ch. 02: The Chemistry of the Cell X X X X
Ch. 03: The Macromolecules of the Cell X X X X
Ch. 04: Cells and Organelles X X X X
Ch. 05: Bioenergetics: The Flow of Energy in the Cell X X X X
Ch. 06: Enzymes: The Catalysts of Life X X X X
Ch. 07: Membranes: Their Structure, Function, and Chemistry X X X X
Ch. 08: Transport Across Membranes: Overcoming the Permeability Barrier X X X X
Ch. 09: Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism: Glycolysis and Fermentation X X X X
Ch. 10: Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism: Aerobic Respiration X X X X
Ch. 11: Phototrophic Energy Metabolism: Photosynthesis X X X X
Ch. 12: The Endomembrane System and Peroxisomes X X X X
Ch. 13: Cytoskeletal Systems
Ch. 14: Cellular Movement: Motility and Contractility X X X X
Ch. 15: Beyond the Cell: Cell Adhesions, Cell Junctions, and Extracellular Structures X X X X
Ch. 16: The Structural Basis of Cellular Information: DNA, Chromosomes, and the Nucleus X X X X
Ch. 17: DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination X X X X
Ch. 18: Gene Expression: I. The Genetic Code and Transcription X X X X
Ch. 19: Gene Expression: II. Protein Synthesis and Sorting X X X X
Ch. 20: The Regulation of Gene Expression X X X X
Ch. 22: Signal Transduction Mechanisms: I. Electrical and Synaptic Signaling in Neurons
Ch. 23: Signal Transduction Mechanisms: II. Messengers and Receptors
Ch. 24: The Cell Cycle and Mitosis
Ch. 25: Sexual Reproduction, Meiosis, and Genetic Recombination X X X X
Ch. 26: Cancer Cells X X X X
*To access the lecture recordings, see the website for your specific class section.