Postlab Focus Questions

First, select the appropriate assignment to be completed. After completing the assignment, upload the properly saved document via Canvas. I'll be moving these files individually to Canvas soon, so you'll be able to download them (and then upload the completed documents) at the Assignments page of Canvas.

Activity 2.2 (Pipetting)

Activity 3.2 (Disk diffusion test)

Activity 3.5 (Quantifying bacterial numbers)

Activity 2.1 (DNA Extraction and Precipitation)

Activity 5.2 (Bacterial Transformation with pGLO Plasmid)

Activity 5.3 (Purification of pGLO Plasmid)

Activity 5.4 (DNA Quantitation)

Activity 4.5 (Forensic DNA Fingerprinting)

Genetic Traits Worksheet
Sites for Genetic Traits Worksheet: Project.htm

Rise of the Superbugs Worksheet

Activity 7.5 (Biofuel Enzyme Assay)

Cracking Your Genetic Code Worksheet

Cancer Warrior Worksheet

Activity 6.2 (GMO Detection by PCR)

Activity 8.2 (Serum Antibody Detection by ELISA)

Make-up Lecture Examinations

If you miss a lecture examination, you are not allowed to take the multiple-choice version. Instead, you must take the make-up version. You will take the make-up version in the Learning Enhancement Center (and I will not be there to answer questions). You may complete a make-up examination any time before the REGULAR semester ends (NOT finals week). You must present your ID at the LEC to be allowed to take the examination. Give yourself enough time before the LEC closes, because you will be required to finish the examination in one sitting.

Metric System Practice

These aren't for points (even though they appear under Assignments), but I urge you to complete them as a way to prepare for the quiz. Don't just skip to the answers; try them first.

Practice 1

Practice 2

Practice 1 Answers

Practice 2 Answers