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15 November 2016 C.E.

It's time to start thinking (or perhaps, for some of you, to CONTINUE thinking) about the final examination. Direct your attention to the final page (p. 59) of the laboratory manual. That page lists the various things that you need to know if you'd like to do well on the examination. USE THAT LIST! Ensure that you are up to speed on every item on that list (regardless of how much or how little time I devoted to those topics in my recordings). Use the manual, the web, and any other resources that you find useful, until you gradually feel confident about the entire list. If you do so, then you should do well. If you put off studying until the night before (or later), then you should expect a low score.

1. You must attend the section in which you are enrolled.
2. You must arrive no later than the scheduled beginning of the period. Arriving late (at all) will result in a severe reduction in points, or you might not be allowed to take the examination (resulting in a score of zero).
3. Allowable items include your notebook, a calculator, a pencil, an eraser, corrective lenses, and clothing.
4. You MUST bring a Datalink 3000 form (#29240) to the examination. I will not have extras.

14 November 2016 C.E.

If your own gel is unusable, then feel free to use this image of a representative gel.

08 November 2016 C.E.

In computing the transformation efficiency (p. 44 of Exercise Seven Part One), notice that the volume and concentration of the plasmid solution are used. The PDF states that you used 10 microliters of the pGLO solution. That is true ONLY IF you used the larger of the loops. One end of the plastic tool had a large loop, and the other end had a small loop. If you used the small loop instead, then the volume of solution you used was 1 microliter, NOT 10. In either case, follow the instruction on the PDF for how to make the final calculation. Recall that all questions appearing in the various PDF's should be answered as part of your notebook batch of points.

01 November 2016 C.E.

For what it's worth, here is the picture I showed in the laboratory:

31 October 2016 C.E.

Here is the slide show I presented when I discussed the GM Foods experiment:

27 October 2016 C.E.

Some of you ended up taking a picture of the demo gel, because something went wrong in your own gel. I just found out that the demo gel was for fresh corn purchased at WalMart. Keep in mind, though, that you are not supposed to pretend that the demo gel is your own.

11 October 2016 C.E.

Some of you might not realize that, to view comments on your papers, you must return to the place where you submitted them. There you will find a PDF attached, and the PDF is commented. Note that if you did not follow the instructions to submit the document in .doc format, then you did not receive comments.

27 September 2016 C.E.

The following two phrases should be added to page 59 of the laboratory manual under the heading, "Concepts":

Mendelian Genetics
Extensions to Mendelian Genetics

20 September 2016 C.E.

All writing assignments (including the Introduction that's due on the day of the next meeting) must be submitted via SafeAssign on Blackboard. Access the Upload page on Blackboard for important information, and do that WELL BEFORE finishing the writing assignment (i.e., do it right now). Each writing assignment is OFFICIALLY due by 23:59 on the date listed on the syllabus. I want you also to be aware of how I handle late assignments. For any writing assignment submitted via SafeAssign, I don't start counting for lateness until I have begun grading that assignment for the entire class. Therefore, if you miss the official deadline, then you still might not be penalized if your assignment is submitted before I start grading. But you will be taking your chances. Of course, if you submit before the official deadline, then you are guaranteed not to be assessed any lateness penalty. Once I start assessing lateness, the penalty is five-twelfths of one percent per hour.

28 August 2016 C.E.

I uploaded the revised version of the laboratory manual.

14 May 2016 C.E.


Welcome to LSC348. You are required to check these announcements daily throughout the semester, and any announcements that appear here will be official.  Until classes begin, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with this website. I'll see you soon.

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