Announcements (refresh)

10 December 2015 C.E.

I'll post final grades after the deadline for the final unit's homework. The wait will provide you with an excellent opportunity to submit a course & instructor evaluation. Enjoy the hibernal hiatus.

02 December 2015 C.E.

I am required to appear for jury duty on the morrow (03 December), so there will be no live performance for the final chapter. Instead, you will find a recording from the last time I taught the course. Everyone will get credit for attendance. I'm sorry for the absence, and I'll see you at the final. Remember that the final examination begins at 07:30.

11 November 2015 C.E.

Don't forget to bring at least one answer form. I hope you started studying several days ago.

02 November 2015 C.E.

My office hour for Monday 09 November has been canceled.

29 October 2015 C.E.

You should consider the fact that 04 November 2015 C.E. is the deadline to withdraw from the course. Enjoy the weekend.

27 October 2015 C.E.

The slide show for The Electron Transport Chain has been edited. Be sure to force an update of the PDF and use the show that has 15 slides. Otherwise, the slide numbers to which I refer in the recording will be wrong.

26 October 2015 C.E.

Be sure to visit the newly added content area on Blackboard for this course. It is called Option to Retake Examination.

22 October 2015 C.E.

Descriptive Statistics for Examination 2:

Minimum 40%
Mean 80.6%
Maximum 100%

01 October 2015 C.E.

Owing to the perspicacity of your colleague, Tahnee, I have removed the error in my syllabus that stated that we do not meet on 10 November. Veterans' Day is 11 November, not 10 November, so indeed we WILL meet on 10 November. Should you be tempted to complain to Tahnee for bringing to my attention an extra meeting day, you should consider thanking her instead, because this has resulted in a postponement of Examination 3 until 22 October. Be sure to obey the newly updated schedule, which is now online.

24 September 2015 C.E.

Descriptive Statistics for Examination 2:

Minimum 20%
Mean 80.6%
Maximum 98%

23 September 2015 C.E.

Several students have informed me that I accidentally contradicted myself in my lipids lecture. At one point I stated that a kink in an unsaturated fatty acyl will make a phospholipid or triacylglycerol more fluid because of packing together more loosely (which is true), but in another part of the same lecture I said the opposite. While I was thinking about unsaturation making phospolipids or triacylglycerols less solid, unfortunately my "less solid" thought came out in my speech as "less fluid". Saturation increases solidity and decreased fluidity. Unsaturation and polyunsaturation decrease solidity and increase fluidity. I'm sorry for the confusion, but it's good to see that so many are listening closely enough to notice my lingual slip.

Don't forget to bring an answer form.

03 September 2015 C.E.

Descriptive statistics for Examination 1

Minimum: 44.0%
Mean: 82.9%
Maximum: 100%

Don't forget about Unit 1's quizzes.

02 September 2015 C.E.

Please don't forget to bring the following items to Thursday's examination:

1. at least one maroon answer form

2. your well-practiced knowledge

28 August 2015 C.E.

As of the time of this posting, there are 2 students who are receiving zeroes because they did not submit the Rules Consent Form. Are you one of them?

20 August 2015 C.E.

I said in the classroom that I would say more about the sign-in sheet, but then I forgot, so I'm clarifying the policy here. The attendance portion of your overall grade is for punctual attendance only. You should be in the classroom no later than a couple minutes before 9:00, because I will take away the sign-in sheet immediately at 9:00, and you will not be allowed to sign after that. In other words, tardiness (just by a little bit) is the same as absence when it comes to compiling your attendance score. Please get into the habit of signing the sheet as soon as you walk into the room, because you will not be allowed to sign after 9:00, even if you were there before 9:00. Don't forget, and please remind your fellow students who sit near you. Thanks.

14 August 2015 C.E.

I have updated the syllabus to reflect a change in my office hours.

23 May 2015 C.E.


Welcome to BCH371. For various reasons, I am choosing to use my own website (this one) for this course, but you will be required to visit Blackboard to view your scores. If any item in the menu to the left is unavailable as a link, that is because the corresponding page is being amended. When changes have been made, the menu item will become an active link.

You are required to check these announcements daily throughout the term, and any announcements that appear here will be official. It is a good idea to take a few minutes right now and familiarize yourself with this website. You should also take a look at the global site to see whether there is anything that might be helpful to you in any of your courses. It would be silly not to at least take a look to see what's there that might help you.

I want you to succeed in this course, but doing so is going to require a commitment on your part. Part of that commitment is carefully reading everything, including all parts of this website. You should do that BEFORE you become busy (that means before the term starts).

There are two things that you should take care of immediately. You should visit the link for Bonus Points, because you will not have a chance for any extra points later in the term. Also, you MUST read and submit the Rules Consent Form. You will receive no credit for any work until that electronic form is submitted.

I'll see you soon.