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You have an opportunity to improve your lowest examination score by retaking the examination. To do so, you must submit the form (link below) by the deadline.

The deadline for submitting this form is 01 May 2024 23:59:59
It is now 22 May 2024 19:22:10
The deadline has passed, so you are ineligible to opt for the retake.

Read the following points carefully.

If you choose to retake, then you must retake the examination on which you scored the lowest. You do not get to choose which examination to retake unless your lowest examination score occurred on more than one examination.

Choosing to retake cannot hurt your score. If you score the same as or lower than you did the first time, nothing will change. If you score higher on the retake version than you did originally, I'll replace your original score with the higher score.

You will not have the option to retake unless you submit this survey by the deadline (listed above).

If you retake, you will be given the retake version of the examination immediately upon submitting the final lecture examination.

You have only one chance at the final examination. Therefore, be sure you study fully for the final examination, and do not study for the retake (since it cannot hurt you) unless you are sure that you are fully prepared for the final examination.

Your guidance scores (Blow-Off Score, etc.) are calculated on the assumption that you will not improve on the retake version. However, it is of course possible for you to improve.

The retake is not identical to the original examination. However, the retake is of equal difficulty, and it is also made up only of multiple-choice questions.