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07 March 2023 C.E.

Section 27178 Examination 2 Statistics %
Historic Low Mean: 33.7
Historic High Mean: 67.9
Historic Overall Mean: 55.0
Current Term Mean: 58.0
Current Term Low Score: 32.0
Current Term High Score: 94.0

Section 27218 Examination 2 Statistics %
Historic Low Mean: 33.7
Historic High Mean: 67.9
Historic Overall Mean: 55.0
Current Term Mean: 66.3
Current Term Low Score: 18.0
Current Term High Score: 96.0

Be sure to study the effect on your Summary & Forecast numbers.
20 February 2023 C.E.

Because of the additional holiday, I have been forced to modify the schedule again. This applies only to the Monday-Wednesday section. The latest MW syllabus is dated 20 February 2023 C.E. at the top of the first page.

09 February 2023 C.E.

Section 27178 Examination 1 Statistics %
Historic Low Mean: 45.0
Historic High Mean: 71.6
Historic Overall Mean: 58.9
Current Term Mean: 59.0
Current Term Low Score: 30.0
Current Term High Score: 92.0

Section 27218 Examination 1 Statistics %
Historic Low Mean: 45.0
Historic High Mean: 71.6
Historic Overall Mean: 58.9
Current Term Mean: 69.6
Current Term Low Score: 34.0
Current Term High Score: 98.0

The numbers listed as "Historic" are for all of the sections I have taught over the years. The "Current Term" numbers are for your section. Please be sure to look at how your Summary & Forecast numbers (on Canvas) have changed as a result of your examination score.
31 January 2023 C.E.

I have changed the schedule of lectures. Be sure you are looking at the syllabus showing a modification date of 31 January. I have also made the corresponding changes to the Assignment Schedule page on Canvas.

23 January 2023 C.E.

Here is the Salt Water packet. I'm sorry I didn't get this to you sooner. Not only does it include the protocol that you will follow in the lab this week, but it also makes completing the prelab easier.


23 January 2023 C.E.

I have added an item to the top of the Canvas menu. It is called LS Assessment ("LS" stands for "life sciences"). Please read the instructions as soon as possible, and complete the assessment this week. Thanks.

20 January 2023 C.E.

Now that you've received a couple scores, you should carefully check how grading affects your Summary & Forecast numbers. Understanding those numbers will allow you stay abreast of whether you're on track to pass the course. Also, keep in mind that if you see only zeroes for your Summary & Forecast, that means you have not yet successfully submitted the Rules Consent Form from the Hoffman site. Enjoy the weekend.

19 January 2023 C.E.

A message from Martina Meraz:

The Academic Success Center (ASC) will be providing services in-person and remotely this semester.

19 January 2023 C.E.

To better align with the timing of the lecture portion of the course, I have decided to swap the order of the second and third laboratory meetings. The updated schedule is:

Salt Water on 24 January (Tuesday section) or 25 January (Wednesday section)
Molecular Modeling on 31 January (Tuesday section) or 01 February (Wednesday section)

By 23:59 on the day before your next laboratory meeting, you need to complete the Saltwater Pre-Lab on Canvas. You also need to complete the Metric System Pre-lab on paper, and submit that to me at the beginning of the laboratory meeting. The document for the Metric System Pre-lab is on Canvas (with all the others, on the Prelab Quizzes page).

I will update the syllabus and Assignment Schedule page of Canvas to reflect the changes.

21 December 2022 C.E.

Introductory Remarks

Welcome to BIO181. If you've never taken this course before, the most important thing you can do to help you succeed is to realize IMMEDIATELY what you are in for. BIO181 is a very demanding course that will require many hours outside of the classroom to learn the huge amount of information that will be presented. Please do yourself a favor and just believe me on this, regardless of how easy your other courses might have seemed.

Since BIO181 is going to consume so much of your time just to stay afloat, it is worth taking some time right now looking at the various items that are on this website. After the term starts, you will be very busy, and if by then you already know what's available here to help you, you'll be able to work as efficiently as possible.

Although this site and Canvas might not yet be complete at the time your are reading this, you should fully explore both sites to see what's there and to get a feel for how things are organized. Click on every menu item to explore the contents. This includes the Rules Consent Form, which is absolutely required. If you do not submit it, then you will receive no credit for your work, and you will not be able to see your total score.

You should also realize that checking the website FREQUENTLY is absolutely required. If you would like to receive automated email notifications of new announcements, then simply join the list.

Even if no announcements are posted for several days, you still need to check for new announcements, because announcements will be official (and therefore binding).

It's also important to be sure that you are enrolled in the correct course. BIO181 is for biology majors, whereas BIO156 (which I also teach and which is very similar to BIO181) is for allied health majors.

If I sound like I'm trying to scare you, that's because I'm trying to scare you. But I only want to scare you into believing me about how demanding this course will be, because I want you to succeed, and I want you to get a lot out of the course. I certainly don't want to imply that you cannot enjoy this course. It'll be a lot of work, but it's also a very good course, and I think you'll learn a lot and have some fun. I'll see you in the classroom.