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Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Maricopa Community Colleges

You are required to submit a Pre-lab Worksheet before the start of each laboratory meeting. These are worth points (and they're easy points), so do not overlook them, especially because late worksheets will not be accepted (you will receive a zero). The first Pre-lab Worksheet (Metric System) is different from all the others for two reasons. One difference is that you will submit a hard copy for this first worksheet, whereas all others will be submitted electronically. The other difference is that the first worksheet is due at the start of the first laboratory meeting, and all others will be due the night before the meeting. You must remember not only to complete the Metric System Pre-lab Worksheet (which is in the laboratory manual required for this course), but also to hand it in as soon as you enter the laboratory on the first meeting.

Since you must have the laboratory manual to complete the first worksheet, be sure to purchase the laboratory manual (which is available only at the Estrella Bookstore) no later than the day before the first laboratory meeting.

For all worksheets other than the first one, you will be required to submit them via Canvas, and each one is due by 23:59 on the night before the corresponding laboratory meeting. No lateness will be allowed. As you will soon see, it is foolish to waste any points in this difficult course (especially easy points), so SET YOURSELF REMINDERS (e.g., Google Calendar). The button below will take you to the Pre-lab Worksheets on Canvas.

If the button will not work for you, then go to Canvas, choose Pages, then choose View All Pages, and you will see a link for the Pre-lab Worksheets