Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
BIO182: General Biology for Biology Majors II
Hybrid Assignments

Most of the hybrid assignments require the laboratory manual, as indicated in the Note column of the assignments table in the course syllabus. Some of the hybrid assignments (those listed with a CW note on the syllabus) require the course website in addition to or instead of the laboratory manual. This page provides the resources for those hybrid assignments requiring the course website.

Hybrid Assignment Instruction
Why Don't Animals Have Wheels? Follow the instructions in the Laboratory Manual, but use this link.
NPR Recording: Bacteria Use this link.

The assignment is simply to write a summary (at least 400 words) of what you learned in the interview, things you might have liked, things you might not have liked, etc. You must save your file as Word format (.doc, .docx) and submit it (by the deadline listed on the syllabus) using this upload link.
Invertebrate Project Milestone 1 For the Invertebrate Project, there is a small change. We will not be using glogster.com for the presentations. Instead we will be using Google Slides.

If you are using a desktop computer, the link above will allow you to use Google Slides on your browser. If you are using a portable device, you must install the app, and you can do so using the link.

For now, all you are required to do is to create a new presentation (just one slide) and enter your name on that slide. Next, click on the Share button near the upper right corner. In the window that pops up, click on "Get sharable link", then click on "Copy link". Please realize that the process of sharing and copying the link might be slightly different if you are using one of the various mobile apps.

BEFORE YOU COPY THE LINK, MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHOOSE "Anyone with the link can view." If that option is not visible, click on "More..."

After you have copied the link for your presentation, complete this form.

The deadline for submitting the form (the first milestone of the assignment) is listed on the syllabus. When you have submitted the form, you can forget about the assignment until after Examination 2, because I don't want the assignment to interfere with studying for the examination. After the examination, visit the Announcements page to see which invertebrate taxon you've been assigned . Then follow the instructions in the manual (Activity 10), except use Google Slides instead of glogster.com.
Invertebrate Project Milestone 2 I will randomly assign a taxon to each student. Although the manual states that you are assigned a phylum, that's not necessarily true. Not all of the taxa in the list are phyla. In any case, you must make your presentation about the taxon assigned to you. The listing of the taxa will be posted on the Announcements page.

Follow the instructions in the laboratory manual for the Invertebrate Lonely Hearts exercise, but use Google Slides to compose your presentation (NOT glogster.com). When you have completed your slide show, submit this form.

DO NOT SUBMIT THE FORM UNTIL THE PRESENTATION IS COMPLETE. You must complete the presentation and submit the form by the deadline (listed on the syllabus) to receive any points for this second milestone and to be eligible for the third milestone.

Slides 18 - 25 of this APA tutorial might help you if you have questions about citation.
Invertebrate Project Milestone 3 The final part of the Invertebrate Project is to download the following template and follow instructions found in the template.

Invertebrate Template

Only students who followed instructions to submit the presentation by the deadline are eligible for this final phase. If your presentation is listed on the Announcements page (after the due date for Milestone 2), then you are eligible to complete Milestone 3. The deadline for submitting this final milestone of the assignment is listed on the syllabus.

Upload your completed document (the template) using this link.

Check the Announcements page for the links to the student presentations.
Basics of GM Foods The topic of genetically modified foods is a hot one, and it has spurred a lot of debate. Some of that debate is informed, some is misinformed, and some is uninformed. The problem is not a lack of information. The problem is how to properly use information and how to know which information to trust. Keeping in mind what I have taught in class about genetic modification (transgenesis and cisgenesis), visit the following three sites (in any order you like) and review the information presented. Then write a review (at least 500 words) of your thoughts about the information in these sites. You should discuss such things as which site you believe to be the most (and which one the least ) trustworthy (and why), which site you believe to be the most (and which site the least) biased (and why), your own thoughts on GM foods, and whether your own thoughts on GM foods has been changed by either anything I have presented in class or any of these three sites (and why).

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Save your document as in Word format and submit it using this upload link
Demography Spreadsheet These links will be explained in class.

Cemetery Demography Data

Demography Lab Life Table

Upload Link

If you haven't yet taken advantage of your free access to Microsoft Office 365, please visit this link for information: