Although there are two field trips discussed in the laboratory manual, you are required to complete only the zoo field trip. This is not a traditional field trip in which the class participates as a whole. This is an individualized field trip. Here are the salient points:

  1. The field trip must involve a visit to the Phoenix Zoo. You may not substitute a different zoo.
  2. You must pay a reduced admission price to enter the Phoenix Zoo. The reduced cost will be approximately ten dollars if you present an ID and tell the attendant that you are visiting as part of Hoffman's BIO182 field trip for EMCC. A driver's license should be okay, but if you have a Maricopa ID, take it to be sure.
  3. The zoo has a list of your names. If the attendant is clueless, you must persist and demand to speak to a higher-up. Eventually, someone will know what's going on.
  4. You will be refunded the reduced cost of admission if you submit your receipt to me.
  5. You may attend with friends if you like, but they will have to pay full price. YOU MUST pay for yourself in a separate transaction, so only your admission will appear on the saved receipt.
  6. YOU MUST save the register receipt (NOT the card) that you will receive. When you submit the assignment, staple the receipt to the front of the assignment and write you name on the receipt AND the assignment.
  7. I fully recognize that you could complete the assignment without actually attending the zoo. Therefore, you must prove that you attended by providing the receipt. If the assignment is submitted without a receipt, then the score will be reduced by 50% of the worth of the assignment (plus any deductions for incorrect or incomplete answers).
  8. If you lose the receipt, then you will lose the points (as described above), and you will not receive a refund. Therefore DON'T LOSE THE REGISTER RECEIPT.
  9. You may visit the zoo on on any date of your choice between my announced start date and the day the assignment is due, which is listed on the syllabus. If you visit the zoo after that date, you may still proceed with the late assignment, but you'll have to pay full price, you won't receive a refund, and your score will be reduced according to the penalty listed on the syllabus. You should still submit the receipt to prove you attended.
  10. Completing the assignment is straightforward, following the instructions in the laboratory manual.