Cellular Respiration

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acetyl CoA coenzyme flavin adenine dinucleotide nonspontaneous
ADP coenzyme A free energy organic molecule
aerobic covalent bond fuel oxaloacetate
aerobic metabolism crista glucose oxidation
alcohol fermentation cytosol glycolysis oxidative phosphorylation
amino acid ecosystem heat energy oxidizing agent
anabolism electron hydrogen ion oxygen
anaerobic electron donor inorganic phosphate photosynthesis
anaerobic metabolism electron receptor Krebs cycle product
ATP electron transport chain lactic acid prokaryote
biosynthesis endergonic lactic acid fermentation protein
carbohydrate energy density lipid proton-motive force
carbon dioxide energy flow metabolic pathway pyruvate
carboxylic acid cycle eukaryote metabolism redox reaction
catabolism exergonic mitochondrial matrix reducing agent
cellular respiration facultative anaerobe mitochondrion reduction
chemical energy FADH multiprotein complex spontaneous
chemiosmosis FADH2 NAD+ substrate
chloroplast fatty acid NADH substrate level phosphorylation
citrate feedback inhibition nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide water
citric acid cycle fermentation