From Gene to Protein

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A site frameshift mutation one gene - one protein hypothesis signal-recognition particle
adenine free ribosome P site small nuclear ribonucleoprotein
alternative RNA splicing gene expression peptide bond small subunit
amino acid genetic code peptide bond formation snRNP
aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase guanine point mutation spiceosome
anticodon hydrolytic enzyme poly-A tail start codon
bound ribosome initiation polypeptide stop codon
codon insertion polyribosome substitution
codon recognition intervening sequence posttranslational modification TATA box
complementarity intron pre-mRNA template strand
cytosine large subunit promoter termination
cytosol missense mutation protein terminator
deletion mRNA protein folding thymine
DNA mutagen protein synthesis transcription
domain mutation release factor transcription initiation complex
E site nonsense mutation ribosomal subunit transcription unit
elongation nuclear envelope ribosome translation
endomembrane system nucleotide base ribozyme translocation
endoplasmic reticulum nucleotide cap RNA triplet
enzyme nucleotide sequence RNA polymerase tRNA
exon one gene - one enzyme hypothesis rRNA uracil
factor one gene - one polypeptide hypothesis signal peptide