The Molecular Basis of Inheritance

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3' end double helix pathogenic ribonucleic acid
5' end enzyme polymerase I RNA
adenine guanine polymerase III semiconservative model
antiparallel helicase polynucleotide single-strand binding protein
bacteriophage isotopic labeling primase sugar phosphate
base pairing lagging strand primer telomerase
complementary leading strand proofreading telomere
conservative model mismatch repair protein template
cytosine nitrogenous base purine thymine
deoxyribonucleic acid nucleic acid pyrimidine topoisomerase
dispersive model nucleoside triphosphate replication transformation
DNA nucleotide excision repair replication bubble uracil
DNA ligase Okazaki fragment replication fork X-ray crystallography
DNA polymerase origin of replication