An Introduction to Metabolism

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activation energy chemical work exergonic phosphate group
active site closed system feedback inhibition phosphorylation
adenosine diphosphate coenzyme first law of thermodynamics potential energy
adenosine triphosphate cofactor free energy product
ADP competitive inhibition heat reactant
allosteric activation conformation hydrolysis reaction
allosteric inhibition conservation of energy inorganic receptor site
allosteric regulation cooperativity kinetic energy regulation
amplification covalent bond ligand second law of thermodynamics
anabolism dephosphorylation light specificity
ATP endergonic mechanical work spontaneous
bioenergetics energy metabolism stability
bioluminescence energy transformation noncompetitive inhibition system
catabolism enthalpy nonspontaneous thermal energy
catalysis entropy open system thermodynamics
chemical bond enzyme optimality transport work
chemical energy equilibrium pH work