Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles

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alternation of generations fertilization metaphase I reshuffling
anaphase I gamete metaphase II sexual reproduction
anaphase II gametophyte metaphase plate sibling
asexual reproduction gene microtubule sister chromatid
autosome genetics mitosis somatic cell
binary fission haploid mutation sperm
cell plate heredity n spindle apparatus
centromere homologous natural selection sporophyte
centrosome homologue nonsister chromatid synapsis
chiasma independent assortment nucleus synthesis
chromosome inheritance ovary telophase I
cleavage furrow interphase ovum telophase II
crossing over karyotype parent cell testis
cytokinesis kinetochore ploidy tetrad
cytoplasm life cycle pole trait
daughter cell locus prophase I variation
diploid meiosis prophase II X chromosome
DNA meiosis I random fertilization Y chromosome
egg meiosis II replication zygote