The Cell Cycle and Cell Division

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anaphase cyclin growth nucleus
anchorage dependence cyclin-dependent kinase growth factor pole
aster cytokinesis internal signal prokaryote
benign daughter cell interphase prometaphase
binary fission density-dependent inhibition kinetochore prophase
cancer depolymerization M phase regulation
cell cycle development malignant repair
cell division DNA meiosis replication
cell plate DNA synthesis metaphase reproduction
centriole egg metaphase plate S phase
centromere eukaryote metastasis secondary tumor
centrosome external signal microtubule sister chromatid
checkpoint fertilization mitosis somatic cell
chemical signal G0 phase mitotic phase sperm
chromatin G1 phase mitotic spindle telophase
chromosome G2 phase motor protein tubulin
cleavage gamete nonkinetochore microtubule tumor
cleavage furrow germ cell nuclear envelope vesicle