Cell Communication

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adenylyl cyclase DNA IP3 RTK
autocrine DNA-binding site kinase serine
autophosphorylation effector ligand signal
Ca2+ endocrine ligand gated ion channel signal amplification
calmodulin G protein mRNA signal molecule-binding domain
cascade G protein-coupled receptor neuron signal transduction
channel gated ion channel neurotransmitter smooth endoplasmic reticulum
chemically gated ion channel GDP nucleoplasm synapse
conformation gene expression paracrine synaptic signaling
convergence GPCR phosphate target cell
cyclic adenosine monophosphate GTP phosphatidyl inositol bisphosphate threonine
cyclic AMP guanosine diphosphate phospholipase transcription
cytoplasm guanosine triphosphate phosphorylation transcription-activating domain
DAG hormone PIP2 translation
dephosphorylation hydrophilic pyrophosphate transmembrane
diacyl glycerol hydrophobic receptor tyrosine
dimer inhibitor receptor site α subunit
dimerization inorganic phosphate receptor tyrosine kinase β subunit
direct contact inositol trisphosphate response γ subunit
divergence ion channel