A Tour of the Cell

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actin filament desmosome lysosome protein
adhesion dynein macrophage proteoglycan
alga endomembrane system magnification protist
animal endoplasmic reticulum membrane pseudopod
Archaea Eukarya microfilament regulation
autophagy eukaryote microscopy resolution
Bacteria extracellular matrix microtubule ribosomal RNA
bacterium flagellum microvillus ribosome
basal body food vacuole middle lamella rough endoplasmic reticulum
bound ribosome free ribosome mitochondrial matrix scanning electron microscopy
capsule fungus mitochondrion secondary cell wall
cell gap junction motility secretion
cell fractionation gel motor protein selective permeability
cell wall glycoprotein myosin SEM
cellulose Golgi apparatus nuclear envelope small subunit
central vacuole granum nucleoid smooth endoplasmic reticulum
centrifugation hemidesmosome nucleolus sol
centriole homogenization nucleus solute
centrosome hydrogen peroxide organelle stroma
chlorophyll hydrolysis peroxisome supernatant
chromosome hydrophilic phospholipid support regulation
cilium hydrophobic phospholipid bilayer surface area
cisterna integrin pilus surface-to-volume ratio
contractile vacuole intercellular junction plant synthesis
crista intermediate filament plasma membrane TEM
cross-link intermembrane space plasmodesma thylakoid
cytoplasm large subunit plastid tight junction
cytoplasmic streaming light microscopy polysaccharide transmission electron microscopy
cytoskeleton lipophilic precipitant vacuole
cytosol lipophobic primary cell wall vesicle
descent locomotion prokaryote volume