You will lose points if you disobey any of the following:

Carefully and completely follow the instructions for how to write the report (the instructions are in the laboratory manual). Write the report using a word processor and save it according to the naming instructions found below.

If you choose to make your figure(s) (graphs or drawings, if any) with a computer, then simply include the figure(s) in your document and upload the entire (single) document (in which case you'll be done).

If you choose to construct your figure(s) by hand then do so neatly (on graph paper, for graphs) and submit the paper figure(s) to me at the beginning of the laboratory period on which the report is due. In that case, you should upload the rest of the document (everything except the figures). I will not accept paper copies of the text of the report, so if you fail to upload the document by the deadline, the assignment will be late.

Consult the latest version of the Course Syllabus for a listing and explanation of Preliminary and Final Deadlines.

Your document will be checked electronically for plagiarism. If you plagiarize (even accidentally), you will receive a zero, so BE SURE you understand the Rules Consent Form that you submitted.


Whether you use Word or OpenOffice or any other application, your document MUST be formatted as a Word (.doc or .docx) document. No other format will be accepted, and you will receive a zero if the format is any other.

Each report must be named in the format TitleSurname, except that you will replace Title with one of three titles (depending on the assignment), and you will replace Surname with your own surname (your surname is your last name). DO NOT NAME YOUR DOCUMENT "TitleSurname". For example, my own document (for the first report) would be named SaltwaterHoffman (not Saltwater_Hoffman, not Hoffman_saltwater_lab, not Lab_Report, not anything else).

For the first report, use SaltwaterSurname as the naming format.

For the second report, use OsmosisSurname as the naming format.

For the third report, use EnzymeSurname as the naming format.

When you are ready, go to Canvas and click on Assignments, then choose the link for the correct report.