Mitosis & Meiosis

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Anaphase Diploid Meiosis I Prophase
Aneuploidy DNA Meiosis II Random fertilization
Autosome Euploidy Metaphase Replicated chromosome
Cell division Gamete Metaphase plate Reproduction
Centromere Germ-line cell Microtubule Sex chromosome
Centrosome Growth Mitosis Sexual life cycle
Chromasome Haploid Mitotic phase Somatic cell
Chromatid Histones Mitotic spindle Synapsis
Chromatin Homologous Non-replicated chromosome Telophase
Cleavage furrow Independent assortment Nondisjunction Tetrad
Crossing over Interphase Nuclear envelope Tissue renewal
Cytokinesis Karyotype Paternal
Daughter cell Maternal Ploidy
Development Meiosis Prometaphase