Announcements (refresh)

25 April 2015 C.E.

Please don't forget to bring a maroon answer sheet to the practicum. Enjoy the weekend.

08 April 2015 C.E.

To view the comments for your paper, you'll need to go to Blackboard and download the PDF that has been attached to your score.

25 March 2015 C.E.

This is an eleventh hour reminder to bring a maroon Scantron form to the practicum.

02 March 2015 C.E.

I don't really see any great need to have the papers due by 4 March, so if it will help you, feel free to take some extra time. Let's make them due 18 March.

21 January 2015 C.E.

Interested students should check out the Summer Research Opportunities Program.
20 January 2015 C.E.

Please remember that hard copies of required documents were available only for the first meeting. You will be responsible for bringing a hard copy of any and all required documents starting this week.

15 January 2015 C.E.

I will need to cancel my office hour on Tuesday 20 January. If you were planning on coming to speak with me on that day, please email me and let me know, so we can make arrangements. I will have a lot of availability on Wednesday, for instance.

08 January 2015 C.E.

The syllabus is now available.

21 December 2014 C.E.


Welcome to BIO182 Laboratory. I will be your instructor only for the laboratory portion of this course. Your lecture instructor is in charge of your overall grade. I will give your scores to your lecture instructor at the end of the semester. Your lecture instructor will probably use Blackboard. For various reasons, I am choosing to use my own website (this one) for the laboratory component of BIO182. You are required to check these announcements daily throughout the semester, and any announcements that appear here will be official. It is a good idea to take a few minutes right now and familiarize yourself with this website. You should also take a look at the global site to see whether there is anything that might be helpful to you in any of your courses. It would be silly not to at least take a look to see what's there that might help you.

I'll see you soon.


Be sure to IMMEDIATELY read and submit the Rules Consent form. This is also strictly required.