LSC348 (Fundamentals of Genetics Laboratory)
Lecture Recordings

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23 August 2016 C.E.
Laboratory Overview
The Central Dogma
30 August 2016 C.E.
Chi-square Analysis, Punnet Squares, and Drosophila Experiment
13 September 2016 C.E.
Drosophila Experiment continued; Restriction Enzyme Mapping
20 September 2016 C.E.
Drosophila Experiment continued still; Extensions to Mendelian Genetic
27 September 2016 C.E.
Counting F2's, etc.
04 October 2016 C.E.
Karyotyping, etc.
18 October 2016 C.E.
Polymerase Chain Reaction
25 October 2016 C.E.
GM Foods
01 November 2016 C.E.
pGLO Transformation
08 November 2016 C.E.
15 November 2016 C.E.
GFP Structure
22 November 2016 C.E.