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The final assignment (the upload) is due at noon on 04 December 2015 C.E., after which no upload will be accepted.

30 November 2015 C.E.

To submit your final assignment, use this link from a desktop computer.

30 November 2015 C.E.

BS Gel B
Starfish Gel A
BS Gel A
Starfish Gel B

27 November 2015 C.E.

While you are waiting for the images of your scanned gels, another required task for this course is to submit your evaluation of the other members of your group.  I expect you to be honest and thorough. Feel free to flatly lie to the members of your group and tell them that you will give them perfect scores, but when you actually submit the scores, give them the scores that you truly think they deserve. Those scores will not be posted on Blackboard.

When you are ready to privately submit the evaluation, use the following link:

If you fail to submit the form by noon on 3 December, then you will receive a zero for your own evaluation, regardless of how your were evaluated by your peers.

Please also take a moment to submit a course and instructor evaluation. You should receive email from ASU about doing so. Thanks.

06 November 2015 C.E.

I have decided to make Paper 3 optional. Here are the rules:

1. If you opt NOT to write the third paper, then I will use the average of the scores from the first two papers as your score for the third.

2. I will accept only one Paper 3 from each group. If the group decision of whether to write a third paper is not unanimous, then all group members opting to write Paper 3 must work together on Paper 3. If I receive more than one Paper 3 from the same group, none of those papers will be accepted, and all group members will receive a score according to Rule 1. All members opting NOT to write Paper 3 will receive a score according to Rule 1.

3. Each group submitting a Paper 3 must exclude the names of all members opting NOT to write Paper 3.

4. The absolute deadline for submitting Paper 3 is noon on 1 December 2015 C.E. 

02 November 2015 C.E.

My office hour for Monday 09 November has been canceled.
27 October 2015 C.E.

The deadline for Report 2 is 23:59 on 13 November. Be sure to read comments for Report 1 in the PDF attached to Blackboard.

20 October 2015 C.E.

Gel Images

23 September 2015 C.E.

Since I haven't yet returned some of your datum sheets, let's move the due date for the first laboratory report to 08 October at 23:59.

15 September 2015 C.E.

The fact that there was no quiz this week means that the next quiz we have could deal with the last two meetings (not just the last one), plus the upcoming meeting, as usual. Of course, you should be thinking about the last two meetings, anyway, because the the upcoming report will cover the last three meetings.

08 September 2015 C.E.

Group 1 values (units/ml)
Group 2 values (units/ml) Group 3 values (units/ml) Group 4 values (units/ml) Group 5 values (units/ml) Group 6 values (units/ml) Group 7 values (units/ml) Group 8 values (units/ml)
Buffer 1
MES 0.1 M pH 6.0


Buffer 2
MES 0.1 M pH 6.5



Buffer 3
Potassium phosphate 0.1 M pH 7.0


Buffer 4
Bicine 0.1 M pH 9.0

Buffer 5
Bicine 0.1 M pH 9.5



Buffer 6
CAPS 0.1 M pH 10.0


Buffer 7
CAPS 0.1 M pH 11.0


Buffer 8
Potassium phosphate 0.1 M pH 11.5


For any buffer tested by multiple groups, compute a mean.

08 September 2015 C.E.

The collection of data for 08 September is not complete until the data from all groups is received. You are required to email me your values for each of your two buffers. Each group should elect one member of the group to send me the results via email. I don't need to receive duplicates from multiple members of the same group. You need to send me two values (each in units/ml, as explained in the supplement) corresponding to the two buffers to which you were assigned. Be sure to tell me which value corresponds to which buffer number. I'll display the results on this page. If I don't receive your group's values by noon on 11 September, then your group will receive a five-point deduction from the score on your datum sheet.

Also, this is the first experiment that you will write up as a group report. The report should be written in standard journal format, with title, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and literature cited. The most important criterion for scoring well is how closely you emulate the style of writing found in published journal articles (and the style is different for each section of the paper). I recommend listening to this recording in which I explain how papers should be written. It is imperative to look at several examples of published articles, just to get a feel for how the sections should be written. Consult the syllabus (as always) for due dates. All group papers must be submitted through SafeAssign via Blackboard (I will not accept hard copies).

28 August 2015 C.E.

As of the time of this posting, there are 6 students who are receiving zeroes because they did not submit the Rules Consent Form. Are you one of them?

25 August 2015 C.E.

When addressing the early section, I forgot to explicitly state the lateness policy for the quizzes, so I am posting it here.

You should expect a quiz in every meeting (starting with the second meeting). All quizzes will be administered EXACTLY at the scheduled beginning of the laboratory period, which means that you will need to already be in your seat, with your personal items already put away, prepared to take the quiz. In other words, you will not be allowed to be tardy at all. If you arrive late for a quiz, the very least that will happen is that your score will be reduced by 10% for each whole or fractional minute that you are late. Yes, that means that showing up one second late will result in a 10% reduction. So now that you know that, just don't let it happen. If you arrive substantially late, you will receive a zero for the quiz.

14 August 2015 C.E.

I have updated the syllabus to reflect a change in my office hours.

17 June 2015 C.E.


Welcome to BCH372. For various reasons, I am choosing to use my own website (this one) for this course, but you will be required to visit Blackboard to view your scores. If any item in the menu to the left is unavailable as a link, that is because the corresponding page is being amended. When changes have been made, the menu item will become an active link.

You are required to check these announcements daily throughout the term, and any announcements that appear here will be official. It is a good idea to take a few minutes right now and familiarize yourself with this website. You should also take a look at the global site to see whether there is anything that might be helpful to you in any of your courses. It would be silly not to at least take a look to see what's there that might help you.

I want you to succeed in this course, but doing so is going to require a commitment on your part. Part of that commitment is carefully reading everything, including all parts of this website. You should do that BEFORE you become busy (that means before the term starts).

There are two things that you should take care of immediately. You should visit the link for Bonus Points, because you will not have a chance for any extra points later in the term. Also, you MUST read and submit the Rules Consent Form. You will receive no credit for any work until that electronic form is submitted.

I'll see you soon.