BCH372: Modern Concepts in Biochemistry Laboratory
Lecture Recordings

All lectures will be posted as MP3, so they will play on portable players. If you LEFT click on a link, the recording will play in the browser. If you want to save the recording on your computer, so you can load it onto a portable player, you must RIGHT click on the file to invoke a pop-up menu. Then choose 'Save Link As' (or a similar option, depending on your browser) to save the file to the location of your choice. BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU SAVE THE FILE, SO YOU CAN FIND IT AFTER IT DOWNLOADS. Explicit instructions are found here.

Obviously, there will be no lecture recordings to choose from until I deliver the first lecture in class. After the course begins, the link to a lecture recording will appear within hours after the lecture is given in class. If it has been a day or more, and the link has still not appeared, please email me.

Date Topic
25 August 2015 C.E.
Course Overview
Introductory Concepts
01 September 2015 C.E.
Spectrophotometry, Coenzymes, Redox, Fermentation
08 September 2015 C.E. Lactate Dehydrogenase Assay
15 September 2015 C.E.
Enzyme Kinetics
22 September 2015 C.E.
Ammonium Sulfate Fractionation
29 September 2015 C.E. Fractionation, cont.
06 October 2015 C.E.
PAGE and Blots
20 October 2015 C.E.
Primary and Secondary Antibodies, Blocking
27 October 2015 C.E.
Ion-Exchange Chromatography
03 November 2015 C.E.
Elution with Sodium Chloride
10 November 2015 C.E.
Affinity Chromatography

Completion of Purification