LSC365: The Human Organism Laboratory
Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Arizona State University at the West Campus

You should expect a quiz to be given PROMPTLY at the beginning of each laboratory session (starting with the second meeting). This means that you will need to arrive early enough so that you are seated, with things put away, and ready to take the quiz by the exact time the class is scheduled to begin. If you arrive late (at all), you will lose points, and you can be disqualified from taking the quiz (i.e., you'll receive a zero).

The quizzes will not necessarily be of equal length, but they will all be equally weighted. The quizzes will consist of a mixture of question-types, mostly multiple-choice and short-answer. Some questions (usually the more specific ones) will treat the material from the previous meeting; others (usually the more general ones) will treat material from that day's meeting. Therefore, to do well on the quizzes, you need to know what you did in the previous week, you need to know why you did what you did, and you need to know what you'll be doing on that current day. DO NOT blow off studying for these quizzes; their scores are a major portion of your overall laboratory score.