LSC348: Fundamentals of Genetics Laboratory
Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Arizona State University at the West Campus
Laboratory Exercises

Be sure to check your syllabus frequently to know which exercise you will be performing.

Assumption of Risk
You are REQUIRED to read this, and you will have to sign a form in the laboratory if you wish to remain in the class.
Laboratory Manual
You are required to bring this manual to every laboratory session. If you prefer not to print it, then you are allowed to use an electronic copy. But in that case, it must be on a pad or laptop. A cell phone is not large enough.
Answers to Theoretical Drosophila Assignment
Do the assignment before you look at these. It's very important that you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, and if you just look at the answers instead of trying the assignment first, you'll just cheat yourself.
Crosses for Exercise Two
Figure out the crosses on your own, then check to make sure you set up the crosses correctly.
Bar Eye Flies (Exercise Four)
This is required reading for Laboratory Four. The information will be treated on the quiz.
GMO (Exercise Six)
This document is for the GMO laboratory periods. The quizzes will treat this material, but also be sure to read the information in the book, as indicated in the Laboratory Manual.
pGLO Transformation (Exercise Seven, Part One)
This is for the pGLO experiment. The quiz will treat this information.
GFP Purification (Exercise Seven, Part Two)
The quiz will treat this information.
There is one protocol modification. On page 34, eliminate the freeze/thaw step. Instead, incubate with lysozyme at room temperature with intermittent vortexing for 15 minutes.
GFP SDS-PAGE (Exercise Seven, Part Three)
The quiz will treat this information.
Protein Folding Exercise
This should be printed. An electronic version will not work.
Restriction Enzyme Mapping (Exercise Eight)
Do the exercise in your notebook. It will be checked as part of laboratory notebook grading #2. This exercise is taken from Carolina Biological Supply.
Read Chapter 18 before you do this laboratory exercise. We do not have a laboratory session set aside for this exercise. You should be working on this exercise during laboratory down-times, such as when we run gels or when we get out early.
Drosophila Guide
This can be used as a reference for your Drosophila paper.