LSC348: Fundamentals of Genetics Laboratory
Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Arizona State University at the West Campus

One of the most important aspects of being a student is being able to follow instructions. As an instructor, I know that many modern students have a real problem with this. I'm convinced that most of the time, this is because today's typical, fast-paced student does not want to read an entire paragraph (or sometimes even an entire sentence). PLEASE do yourself a favor and read all instructions carefully. It's a very easy way to prevent the unnecessary and careless loss of points, which I see happen every semester.

Your written assignments for this course will be a series of papers (or sections thereof). All of these assignments must be submitted via Blackboard. You will find instructions for submitting each of these assignments in the Upload menu on Blackboard. You will lose points if you do not follow the instructions for how your documents must be named and formatted. All of the assignments submitted through SafeAssign on Blackboard will be checked for plagiarism (whether the plagiarism is intentional or not), so be sure you CAREFULLY read the Rules Consent Form before submitting it. Not knowing what you signed is not an excuse, and it will not prevent you from receiving a zero.