LSC322: Fundamentals of Ecology Laboratory
Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Arizona State University at the West Campus
Laboratory Exercises

Be sure to check your syllabus frequently to know which exercise you will be performing.

Writing Guidelines
Please listen to this recording for a description of how I want papers to be written.
Exercise 01 Background
Exercise 01 Worksheet
Optional Excel Workbook
Hypothesis Testing & Statistics
Exercise 02 Background
Exercise 02 Worksheet
Natural Selection
Exercise 03 Background
Allometry (Temperature Physiology)
Exercise 04 Description
Guide to Writing Field Notes
Annotated Sample Field Notes
A Walk in the Park
Exercise 05 Description
Exercise 05 Worksheet
Class Foraging Datum Sheet
Foraging Behavior and Neophobia in Birds
Exercises 06 and 07 Description
Vertebrate Population Census
Exercise 08 Description
Guide to Plants
Excel Workbook for Analysis
Community Ecology: Plant Diversity
Exercise 09 Description
Exercise 09 Worksheet
Competition in Plants: Allelopathy
Exercise 10 Description
Exercise 10 Worksheet
Soil Ecology