CHM113: General Chemistry I
Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Arizona State University at the West Campus
Laboratory Exercises

Be sure to check your syllabus frequently to know which exercise you will be performing.

Assumption of Risk
You are REQUIRED to read this, and you will have to sign a form in the laboratory if you wish to remain in the class. You do NOT need to print this.
Measurements and Calculations
Excercise 01; Meeting 02
Physical Properties
Excercise 02; Meeting 03
Separation of the Components of a Mixture
Excercise 03; Meeting 04
Aqueous Chemical Reactions
Excercise 04; Meeting 05
Excercise 05; Meeting 06
Atomic Emissions
Excercise 06; Meeting 07
Covalent Bonding I (Lewis Structures)
Excercise 07; Meeting 08
Covalent Bonding II Molecular (Geometry)
Excercise 08; Meeting 09
Quantification of Metals in Solution
Excercise 09; Meeting 10
Determination of the Molar Mass of a Gas
Excercise 10; Meeting 11
Freezing Point Depression
Excercise 11; Meeting 12