BIO201: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Arizona State University at the West Campus
Laboratory Exercises

Be sure to check your syllabus frequently to know which exercise you will be performing.
Most of these documents will be provided to you in the laboratory. These PDF's are here in case you need another copy.

Meeting 1

Surface Anatomy Key

Organ List

Supplemental Worksheet

List of Activities

Online Study Resource: Landmarks, Organ Systems, etc.
Meeting 2

"To Do" List

Online Study Resource: Cells
Meeting 3

Tissues Chart

Tissues List

Drawing Worksheet

Online Study Resource: Epithelial, Muscle, and Nervous Tissues
Meeting 4

"To Do" List

Slide List

Tissues Chart

Skin List

Online Study Resources: Connective Tissue Skin
Meeting 5

"To Do" List

Axial Skeleton List

Online Study Resources: Skeletal System Overview Axial Skeleton
Meeting 6

Appendicular Skeleton List

"To Do" List

Online Study Resources: Appendicular Skeleton Joints
Meeting 7 (Practicum 1)
Meeting 8

Muscle Chart

List of Muscles

"To Do" List 1

"To Do" List 2

Online Study Resources: Muscle Histology Muscles
Meeting 09

List of Cat Muscles and Nerves

Online Study Resource: Cat Muscles
Meeting 10

Nervous System List

Nervous System Supplement

"To Do" List

Online Study Resource: Nervous System
Meeting 11

Brain Structures List

"To Do" List

Online Study Resource: The Brain
Meeting 12

Special Senses List

"To Do" List

Online Study Resource: The Special Senses