BIO181: General Biology for Biology Majors I
Dr. Ty C.M. Hoffman
Arizona State University at the West Campus
Laboratory Exercises

Be sure to check your syllabus frequently to know which exercise you will be performing.

Assumption of Risk
You are REQUIRED to read this, and you will have to sign a form in the laboratory if you wish to remain in the class. You do NOT need to print this.
Graphing Exercise
Be sure to print this and bring it to the first meeting.
Description of Mini-Reports
Refer to this when writing your own mini-reports.
Diffusion and Osmosis
Be sure to print this and bring it to the laboratory.
Mendelian Genetics Problem Set

pGLO Transformation
You should read through this before attending the laboratory. You should print pages 6-10, although they are labeled as pages 33-37.